• Eman Kawas

Immigrant Sisters in Digital Transformation

No one saw this coming: the huge impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on most aspects of human activities, as well as on the economy and health care systems. Lockdowns, quarantines, and border closures have devastated the global economy and highlighted a big gap in the traditional business landscape. During the pandemic, technology adoption is increasing, forcing traditional businesses to re-evaluate their operations and be resilient to adapt and overcome challenges, even those yet to be discovered.

Just a few months before the pandemic hit, my sister Dana and I founded Thynkli, a digital transformation technology and services company. We didn’t know the challenging times that soon laid ahead, but we were driven by our mission to collaborate and contribute to solving big problems facing the global economy today.

Dana and I both come from digital backgrounds, myself in technology implementation, Dana in change management consulting. Together, we launched Thynkli because we saw a gap in the traditional way technology consulting was being delivered; it lacked execution and tangible return on investment. We also witnessed a fear of automation, which will inevitably leave a lot of people behind this continuous innovation cycle.

But why push ahead with Thynkli in light of a major economic downturn? Because we knew this is when we could make the most difference. Thynkli focuses on serving heavy industry (such as construction, oil and gas). These industries have major strengths to fuel the economy, yet they often struggle the most. Innovation is out of reach because of distorted perceptions, rather than lack of capability. We believe that they have the power to build and transform, considering the talent of the masses they employ. We’re here to partner with them, contribute to changing those perceptions, and deliver real value through innovation.

Dana and I approach digital transformation in a non-traditional way. Thynkli was born with the absence of a competition concept. Rather, we employ pure collaboration, out of utter trust, transparency and integrity to deliver value to each other and to the world we serve. What comes out of collaboration and orchestration is much more valuable than what competition brings out of people. As Dana says, “Bringing people together is what we are here to do, technology is just an enabler.”

And we have both made strides in building our partnership together. We believe that true collaboration comes with honesty and integrity with yourself before others; identifying strengths and weaknesses, and having the courage to accept them. Being transparent with your partner allows them to match your weaknesses with their strengths, and that will lead to a successful partnership.

Dana & I are excited to be doing this work in Canada. We grew up in Amman, the capital city of Jordan in the Middle East, and we are always grateful to have had the opportunity to survive as immigrants. We believe our careers in technology have contributed to our continuous growth and have provided us the capability to build a life in Canada coming from an unprivileged background. We believe that including more people in technology will also enable more and more people to survive and thrive in their own lives, considering where the world is headed.

Businesses aspiring to become digital can't do it on their own. Capitalizing on collaboration as a human strength is key. Dana and I see the industries we serve as leaders of the economy and capable of steering the ship towards a more sustainable, equal world. And Thynkli as the catalyst of transforming their businesses, continuously challenging the status quo to enable growth. With our ecosystem approach, we are two women disrupting traditional business models to enable success in becoming digital.

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